Оптэк. Объединяя решения. 

The International Annual Conference on State-of-the-Art Trends of Scientific Researches of Artificial and Natural Nanoobjects (STRANN) has been held since December 2009.

pic6.pngOPTEC and St. Petersburg State University have been annually holding the International “State-of-the-art Trends of Scientific Research of Artificial and Natural Nanoobjects” (STRANN) Conference since 2009. In 2011, scientists as well as undergraduate and graduate students from leading European, American and Russian universities gave 22 verbal and 29 poster presentations in material sciences and nanobiotechnologies. The conference achieved international status and English became its primary language in 2012. The goal of this conference is to provide a forum for a “live” exchange of information and to establish direct channels of communication between geologists, chemists, physicists, biologists, nanotechnology specialists and hardware engineers for nanoobject research. Special emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary research. 

STRANN workshops traditionally take place at the Interdisciplinary Resource Center (IRC) of SPbGU. It is a shared research facility that contains a unique set of equipment designed for analytical nanotechnology research. 


STRANN 2014 is the 4th in the Conference Series starting from 2009 with the objective to provide a forum of scientists and engineers from different knowledge fields such as physics, chemistry, biotech, life sciences, material science, microscopy and so forth who are united in research of nanosized objects but rarely communicate in the common life. The live information exchange among the experts will help better understanding of the complex aspects of nanoobjects research, existing and emerging state-of-the art methods and find new approaches to overcome current and future challenges.
The Conference program will include invited talks of specialists from leading world research centers, oral talk and posters presenting original results. Selected papers of all accepted contributions will be published in a regular peer-reviewed scientific journal. 

Find more information about STRANN 2014 at conference homepage WWW.STRANN.ORG  

In 2014 STRANN will be held in the framework of EU-Russia Year of Science.

Logo-year-of-science-web_en.gifThe EU-Russai Year of Science 2014 is a joint initiative of the EU-Commission and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation organised with the EU Member States across the EU and Russia. Its objective is to highlight the achievements and the potential of the rich science and research cooperation between Russia and Europe. The EU-Russia Year of Science 2014 will provide a unique opportunity for participants to showcase past and present achievements. It will generate new dynamics, create fresh enthusiasm, and provide a boost for new, innovative forms of collaboration.

Detailed information is here