In an industry where seemingly small decisions can have huge implications and the quality of your diagnosis is critical, it is good to know that OPTEC LLC have a range of fast, accurate and cost effective solutions which are trusted throughout the IHC field. Our IHC range of solutions combines the knowledge and experience.



The Industry Standard in IHC Automation
With a proven track record for consistency and reliability, and more than 5,000 units placed, the Thermo Scientific Autostainer platform is the most widely used IHC instrument in the world.

 Autostainer 360
• This most compact variant is ideal for laboratories where speed and continuous workflow are imperative

Autostainer 480S

• The industry standard in automated IHC now has an even smaller footprint, allowing you to save an extra 12cm of laboratory space

Autostainer 720



• Dual barcoding ensures that each slide receives the correct reagent
• Open system allows the user to configure the reagents to meet their specific needs, whilst maintaining control of the costs
• Rapid turnaround time gets your specimens processed and your patients diagnosed faster
• Two models allow any combination for throughput and or TAT

PT Module

Standardisation in any laboratory is crucial to obtaining high quality and consistent IHC staining. To standardise the manual steps associated with the pre-treatment of slides, Thermo Scientific has introduced the PT Module.

• Designed to simultaneously perform dewaxing and epitope recovery on slides prior to immunostaining
• Autostainer slide racks fit directly into the PT Module
• Integrated computer with touch screen for programming standardised pre-treatment programs
• The user can also modify the time and temperature settings to further optimise the results
• The PT Module has dual reaction baths so that two individual procedures, each with 24 slides, may be run independently
• A dedicated pump is also supplied to allow for safe and easy emptying of the reaction baths
• Thermo Scientific’s proprietary epitope recovery solutions provide for safe, solvent-free dewaxing and improved environmental conditions
• Delayed start option allows overnight processing so that the slides are ready and waiting when you start in the morning