Planetarium visitors expect shows that address them directly and reveal a presenter's personal concept. With powerdome, you can prepare fulldome shows with no need to be skilled in scripting, 3D modeling and rendering. Operate the planetarium projector in the usual way, use the same operating panel to control digital planetarium functions, and make use of diverse digital resources. Create fulldome presentations the easy way.



ZEISS Hybrid Planetarium

SKYMASTER-VELVET_overview_350.jpgIt takes an optical-mechanical planetarium projector to simulate a starry sky that is really brilliant, one that captivates and inspires the audience. At the same time, who would forgo the flexibility of a digital planetarium? For small and medium-sized domes, ZEISS offers the no-compromise combination of analog star projection with SKYMASTER ZKP 4 LED and digital fulldome projection with powerdome®VELVET. No compromise means (a) that the digitally projected imagery will not spoil the brilliance of the stars on the night sky and (b) that the digital and analog planetarium projections will always be in perfect register.

SKYMASTER ZKP 4 LED Planetarium Projector

Small-dome planetarium

ZKP4-instrument_overview.jpgLaunching the fiber-optic SKYMASTER ZKP 4 Planetarium meant no less than a revolution for friends of a sky projected by an optical-mechanical star projector for small and medium-sized domes. The latest version featuring LED illumination for stars and planets delivers a sky three times as bright as the earlier one!
SKYMASTER ZKP 4 LED is a modular system and available in combination with powerdome fulldome systems or as your sole planetarium instrument.

powerdome Sky Theaters

Fulldome systems for the smaller dome

ZKP4-SGNDuo-F32.jpgCombine your planetarium projector with powerdome fulldome systems to add the full power of fulldome! ZEISS offers projection solutions fitted to your dome size and best suited for dome projection. Choose the best of the best by integrating our in-house designed VELVET projectors! Alternatively you can select from a range of handpicked commercial video projectors to immerse you visitors with dome images. Your are looking for an economical fulldome system? See to our powerdome®SPACEGATE systems.