Wherever they are on the globe, large planetariums attract large audiences. They are places of multimedial experience. Live shows, as well as carefully produced pre-recorded shows are offered. For those large multimedia dome theaters, a fulldome system is a matter of course.



Large-size planetarium projector

universarium-starball_350px.jpgThe UNIVERSARIUM machine is the heart of the most ambitious planetariums around the world. It also represents the most powerful planetarium instrument in the world, a combination of highest-quality opto-mechanical projection systems and precise digital controlling techniques. The 32 fiber projectors in the Starball depict the starlit sky with unparalleled brilliance and brightness. UNIVERSARIUM is designed for special custom configurations and specifications. You can configure the UNIVERSARIUM planetarium machine to your needs. The instrument is suitable not only for traditional dome theaters, it can also be installed in tilted domes.
The Model IX is available in combination with powerdome fulldome systems or as your sole planetarium instrument.


powerdome Universe Theaters

Fulldome systems for the largest domes

Carl_Zeiss_Planetariums_STARMASTER_planetarium_at_the_palais_de_la_decouverte_in_Paris1.jpgCombine the UNIVERSARIUM planetarium with a powerdome fulldome system to add the full range of multimedia in the dome! ZEISS offers projection solutions fitted to your dome size and best suited for dome projection. Choose the best of the best by integrating our in-house designed VELVET projectors! Alternatively you can select from a range of handpicked commercial video projectors to immerse you visitors with dome images.


Unique Projector Worldwide

VELVET-DGV_projector.jpgWith powerdome®VELVET ZEISS offers the world's first and only video projection system with an absolutely black backdrop based on the DLP® technology of Texas Instruments. An in-house design by ZEISS, VELVET fascinates not only by its native contrast ratio of 2,500,000 : 1 – a tremendous leap compared to other projectors offering up to 30,000 :1 -, but also by its expanded color spectrum. In the projected image, very bright and extremely dark areas are excellently resolved at the same time.