As the leading manufacturer of microscope systems we offer complete solutions for biomedical research, the healthcare sector and high-tech industries. Our product line spans a broad spectrum of light, confocal and electron microscopes for your tasks and applications.

Light Microscopes 


Light microscopes are available in different versions. Choose an upright microscope if your task is to analyze zebrafish embryos, stained tissue selections or brain slices. For tissue culture and quick assessments in routine research, the inverted microscope might be the better choice.

Laser Scanning Microscopes 

laser-scanning-microscopes.pngA Laser scanning or confocal microscope scans a sample sequentially point by point, line by line or multiple points at once and assemble the pixel information to one image. As a result optical slices of the specimen are imaged with high contrast and high resolution in x, y and z. Confocal microscopy supports sensitivity demanding applications in life sciences as well as for topographic tasks on materials surfaces. 

Imaging Systems 

Products_lightsheet.jpgImaging Systems mostly combine traditional wide-field microscopy components with powerful computer hardware and sophisticated imaging technologies. These products are the right solutions for your highly automated tasks and subcellular investigations. 

Stereo Microscopes and Zoom Microscopes 

A Stereo Microscope as well as a Zoom Microscope generate three-dimensional, laterally precise images for your microscope applications. These products offer large object fields and allow extended working distances. A Stereo Microscope from Carl Zeiss is ideal for observing large biological samples or analysis of rough materials surfaces.

Superresolution Microscopy

Take a look beyond conventional light microscopy and benefit from highest resolution for the smallest structures

Scanning Electron Microscopes 


Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) by Carl Zeiss deliver high resolution surface information and superior materials contrast. They are widely used in electron microscopy sciences and application fields such as nanotechnology, materials analysis, semiconductor failure analysis, life sciences and quality assurance.