With instruments that have set clinical standards, a market leading suite of retinal imaging and retinal and glaucoma analysis applications analysis applications.

Our diagnostics suites offer imaging and advanced image analysis to support daily decision making in routine retina exams, diabetic retinopathy and vascular disease, dry and wet forms of age-related macular degeneration, central serous retinopathy, and vitreoretinal interface disorders.

Advanced analyses are based on high-definition CIRRUS™ HD-OCT scans, dense OCT data cubes, and high resolution images from fundus photography. Clinical images and data can be reviewed and compared in a variety of formats through the FORUM® Eye Care Data Management System for enhanced efficiency and paperless workflow.

Data Management

FORUM_GO_fuer_Web.jpgFORUM® supports eye care professionals in meeting their everyday challenges. It is offered in two main configurations: FORUM Archive – a central storage solution for ophthalmic examination data – and FORUM Archive & Viewer - a comprehensive software solution for eye care data management. 


Optical Coherence Tomography

cirrus-500.jpgOur new systems include the CIRRUS™ HD-OCT models 5000 and 500 as well as two fundus camera and OCT combination systems, CIRRUS photo models 800 and 600. The new CIRRUS family offers a choice of high-quality ZEISS OCT clinical solutions that assist you in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma and retinal disease across all levels of care. We provide solutions that are tailored to your level of care, practice workflow and patient volumes.


Fundus Imaging

VISUCAM_500The high-quality systems provide the basic for detailed diagnoses of typical eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD in a single workstation.


Slit Lamps 

SL 115.jpgThe members of the Carl Zeiss family of slit lamps are made from high-quality materials and built to provide years of reliable service. Yet each one of them is unique in its usability, application range and special qualities. A ZEISS slit lamp is a perfect fit, appreciated by thousands of professionals around the world.