The International Conference on Cell Technologies CTERP 2018 was held in Moscow

The International Conference on Cell Technologies CTERP 2018 was held in Moscow


On April 11, the second international conference on cell technologies CTERP: Cell Technologies at the Edge: From Research to Practice opened in Moscow.

This time, the conference is focused on the development of new effective biomedical cellular products and cell therapy methods. Within three days, participants will present reports and posters on the fundamental and applied issues of cell biology, which underlie the study of the mechanisms of the emergence and development of a wide range of diseases, and approaches to their treatment. 

Sergey Kraevoy, Deputy Minister of Health, sent a greeting message to the conference participants. He noted, "Today's conference is becoming traditional, it opens new opportunities for interaction between specialists in the field of cell technologies, will help to establish and maintain valuable scientific contacts and stimulate not only new developments in the field of cell technologies, but also their introduction into clinical practice."  

Evgeniya Stepanova

Yevgenia Stepanova, head of the Department for Academic Cooperation and Support of the Activities of the Scientific and Coordination Council of FASO Russia, addressed the participants with a welcome speech. She noted that FASO actively supported the research in the field of cell technologies, and in particular, paid a lot of attention to bioresource collection conservation and development. One of the CTERP sections is devoted to this topic. 

Olga Seredkina

Participants were also greeted by the organizers of the conference: Olga Seredkina, CEO of OPTEC, Andrey Vasiliev, Director of the Institute of Developmental Biology, Corresponding Member of RAS, Alexey Tomilin, Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Stem Cells, Institute of Cytology of RAS, Corresponding Member of RAS. 

On the first day, the scientific part of the CTERP conference was opened by key guest speakers. 

Grigory Enikolopov, Professor at the University of New York in Stony Brook, one of the leading scientists working in the field of neuroscience. His studies of adult neural stem cells are important for such a pressing issue as the search for effective methods of treating brain diseases. 

Grigory Enikolopov

Prof. Mark Lowell, Director of the Center for Cell, Gene and Tissue Therapy at University College London (UCL). Prof. Loudell has been studying adaptive immunotherapy for cancer for many years. His clinic is conducting transplantation and clinical trials of treatment using cell therapy methods. As Vice President (Europe & Middle East) of the International Society for Cell Therapy, he also works on the optimization of legislation related to translating research into practice. 

Prof. Mark Lowell

Prof. Hans Scholler, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine, Munster. He studies somatic cell reprogramming processes. Recent advances in the study of induced pluripotent stem cells open up new opportunities for both studying and treating a wide range of diseases. 

Prof. Hans Scholler

Four guest speakers from scientific schools of the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Luxembourg, and also guest speakers from the leading research institutes of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod will take part in the thematic sections within three days. The conference participants are scientists from 10 cities of Russia and the CIS countries – Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. 

CTERP (Cell Technologies at the Edge: From Research to Practice) is being held for the second time. Conference Organizers: OPTEC, Institute of Developmental Biology of RAS, Institute of Cytology of RAS. With the support of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

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