With instruments that have set clinical standards, a market leading suite of glaucoma analysis applications, as well as therapeutic lasers and surgical visualization solutions we support the diagnosis and management of glaucoma end-to-end.

Glaucoma Diagnostics

Doc-Woman-MonitorThe ZEISS glaucoma workplace comprises essential diagnostic technologies such as Cirrus™ HD-OCT with expanded glaucoma applications, Humphrey®perimetry and VISUCAM® fundus photography.
Used individually, they offer state-of-the-art tools for clinical assessment.
Integrate one or more systems with the FORUM® Eye Care Data Management System for unprecedented clinical utility, combined structure and function analysis, and paperless workflow.


Glaucoma Therapy

YAGVISULAS therapeutic lasers and OPMI surgical microscopes offer advanced treatment options, and Cirrus HD-OCT and Humphrey® perimeters enable treatment follow-up as well as on-going disease management.