For domes from 6 m to 15 m in diameter:

Projection equipment for small domes up to about 15 m in diameter should occupy little space while delivering brilliant projections and superb sound – demands that are exceptionally satisfied by the ZEISS Sky Theaters. The planetarium projector, a SKYMASTER ZKP 4, provides a starry sky of peerless brilliance, and the matching fulldome systems cooperate with all astronomical functions. No matter whether you call it a hybrid planetarium or a combined system, a ZEISS Sky Theater ensures that optical-mechanical and digital projections are presented in perfect synchronism.

Sky Theaters

Optical-mechanical and digital planetarium

Planetarium visitors expect shows that address them directly and reveal a presenter's personal concept. With powerdome, you can prepare fulldome shows with no need to be skilled in scripting, 3D modeling and rendering. Operate the planetarium projector in the usual way, use the same operating panel to control digital planetarium functions, and make use of diverse digital resources. Create fulldome presentations the easy way.